Urban Planning: Crafting Vibrant Communities for a Better Tomorrow

As one of South Carolina’s most respected urban planning and design companies, Arbor has been engaged for over 40 years in the transformation of dozens of municipal spaces. From Greenville’s nationally recognized downtown to many of the Upstate’s smaller communities, Arbor has brought a new social and economic purpose to dozens of under-utilized urban landscapes.

At the heart of urban planning there is a paradox: Limited urban spaces, but virtually unlimited opportunity to breathe new life into a community. And this is precisely why municipalities look to our urban planning and design team. Arbor brings an established process, a consistent point of view and a string of remarkable success stories to each engagement.

Within each project is a story of helping each municipality establish a more profound sense of identity, instill community pride and promote economic development. 

At the heart of our urban planning expertise is the idea of “Place-Making.” We didn’t invent the term, but it’s been part of the foundation of our firm since our beginnings. In simplest terms, Place-Making is about creating environments that draws us in and connects us with a sense of positive energy. It’s a process of integrating landscape, structures and people into an environment that reflects a deeper meaning and a distinct character.

When you think of Greenville’s Falls Park (design by Arbor Engineering), you begin to grasp the concept of Place-Making.

How We Work

Arbor’s expertise encompasses environmental impact assessment, site planning, horticultural specifications and construction detailing. We use progressive site and architectural models, as well as 3D illustration techniques for more effective planning and presentation. When the project is approved, we are able to manage the construction and maintenance processes, ensuring on-time and on-budget performance, as well as the highest standards of workmanship.

Our capabilities in urban planning include:

  • Downtown Master Plans
  • Mixed Use Corridor Plans
  • Urban Design Guidelines
  • Opportunity Site Feasibility Studies
  • Streetscape and Signage Systems
  • Neighborhood Conservation Plans
  • Design Charrettes
  • Modeling of Alternative Scenarios

Our capabilities are comprehensive and often cutting-edge. But what sets Arbor apart is our belief that every project, large or small, has the potential to transform a piece of land into an environment with a unique spirit and Sense of Place. Everything we do is executed to keep this Place in sustainable harmony with the life flowing around it.