Land Use Planning: Shaping Sustainable Futures for Our Communities

For Arbor, no aspect of our business has more impact on the preservation of our land and the quality of life for our community than land use planning. We enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with developers, architects and builders to responsibly transform a challenging piece of land into a livable property that brings lasting value, while preserving the integrity of the natural landscape.

Working from an intrinsic understanding of the local land, augmented by today’s most advanced analytical technologies, Arbor is able to lead our clients to sustainable solutions that enrich the community and bring a high return on investment.

Once we’ve determined how to make a property buildable, the fundamentals of our land use planning come down to a vision of how people and land come together. Arbor’s reputation for creating inviting green spaces and other natural amenities that enhance the livability of a property is simply unmatched.

What we do isn’t easy. Land use planning that yields to the economic pressures of the moment can create lasting negative consequences for any municipality. There is typically one chance to get it right.

Understanding What the Land Wants to Become

Of all the lessons learned since our founding, maybe the most consequential is the reality that land has a life of its own, forged over time. Change should come very gradually, and only with considerable thought and analysis. Across the globe, some of the most expensive mistakes in land development have been made trying to force the land to do what isn’t natural.

This mission to create spaces where humanity and the landscape flourish has always been at the core of Arbor. As Greenville and the Upstate continue to attract people and organizations from throughout the world, sustainable land use planning will remain our most important challenge and one of our most significant gifts back to our community.