Civil Engineering: Crafting the Infrastructure of Tomorrow

For forty years, the foundation of Arbor’s work in the Greenville area has been the perfect balance of visionary environmental design and meticulous civil engineering. Although our work is often celebrated for its aesthetic presentation, it is the attention to detail in all aspects of civil engineering that establishes the infrastructure necessary for beautiful projects to function beautifully.

Our surveying team is the crucial first step of the process, handling everything from boundary surveys to topographical mapping. Arbor’s civil design team includes sitework and drainage, along with roadways and underground utilities. Our environmental design group oversees treatment, storage, transmission and distribution of water, as well as waste systems for sewer and treatment facilities.

How We Work

Construction management in our Engineering sector includes cost estimating, construction take-offs, preparation, bidding and awarding of contracts. Arbor also has PERT and CPM capability for design and construction scheduling.

Our site investigators and engineering planners help clients locate potential development sites and execute feasibility studies, cost estimates and specifications.

For developers and contractors, our extensive expertise in civil engineering means each project receives a fully integrated team to plan and manage every aspect from land use planning, to site design and infrastructure management, to landscape installation.