Commercial Landscape Architecture: Designing Spaces that Unite and Inspire

There is a reason the developers of so many of Greenville’s most enduring projects have looked to Arbor’s expertise in commercial landscape architecture. It is through the exploration of creative possibility, the understanding of aesthetic design principles and the attention to detail that Arbor brings new life to public spaces.

From the winding sidewalks that connect many of Greenville’s iconic buildings, to the striking entrances, gardens and natural landscapes at area schools, churches, public spaces and business parks, Arbor’s commercial landscape design is guided by an intentional desire to bring people together.

Among many qualified commercial landscape architects in South Carolina, it is this notion of creating places that invite and elevate the human spirit that has distinguished our work for over 40 years.

How We Work

Every commercial landscape architecture engagement begins with working sessions to fully understand the vision and critical aspects that must be addressed to create a successful project. In many cases, our landscapes exist as extensions of new or existing building architecture, and reflect the point of view of the developer, tenant and the community. Drawing upon years of experience, we know the questions to ask that often “unlock” the sometimes-hidden challenges that can stand in the way of a fully integrated design.

With every project, we work to understand the complexities of the land. As experts in civil engineering, we understand that the lasting success of every commercial landscape depends on designing and maintaining a plan that lives in harmony with the natural dynamics of land and water.

Every project we undertake is important to us. Greenville’s place among America’s most livable cities means that even the smallest engagements should bring a measure of originality and grace that enhances this remarkable area.