Arbor Land Design: Where Nature Meets Creativity and Community

Arbor Land Design is a landscape architecture and engineering firm born out of the merging of Arbor Engineering, Inc. and Fant Reichert Fogleman, a local engineering and surveying firm. With over 40 years of experience, Arbor is a client-oriented company with a reputation for quality work and customer satisfaction. Our mission is to provide landscape architectural and civil engineering services by providing quality work, intelligent design and creative solutions.

There’s a Little Bit of Falls Park in Everything We Do

Greenville, South Carolina was a very different place in 1976, when Arbor Engineering was born. Today’s much-celebrated Main Street was just another sterile 4-lane road through a lifeless downtown. A year later, a new vision for Greenville was in the works, and by 1979, the trees that would one day create the city’s lush canopy were planted.

For Arbor, it was a perfect time to join with civic leaders, developers and residents in rethinking how landscapes could draw people together and connect them to nature’s own creative energy.

Forty years later, you can see our signature throughout the Upstate. Perhaps nowhere is our work more visible than Greenville’s Falls Park. Now twelve years since its opening, the Park works on so many levels (literally and otherwise) to bring happiness, togetherness and mindfulness to all who visit.

Arbor Today: Landscape Design, Planning, Surveying and Civil Engineering

Arbor Land Design today is actively engaged in all aspects of landscape architecture and design, including residential and commercial; urban planning; land use planning; parks and recreational development; and civil engineering. Our teams are a unique blend of perspectives and technical expertise, with insights gleaned from years of experience and a rich appreciation for the environmental character of the Blue Ridge region.

With every Arbor associate, there is a deep commitment to plan and develop spaces that are rich in aesthetic value, appropriate within the environmental context and sustainable for years to come.

From the homeowner who wants to create a more livable backyard, to the local government interested in injecting new life into its key assets, Arbor brings a passion for design that’s innovative and creative, yet never contrived.

Like Falls Park itself, our work feels like exactly what nature had in mind … extraordinary on close inspection, but always at peace with the broader surroundings. From a simple meandering downtown sidewalk to the charming entrance to a new neighborhood, with every project our goal is always to elevate the human spirit.